40 jaar Lef, Lust en Links Engagement – Antwerpen (14 maart) & Amsterdam (22 maart)

Two grand ladies or pioneers of second wave feminism in Belgium and in the Netherlands – Ida Dequeecker en Anja Meulenbelt – will meet each other for the first time in a debate about  women’s movements then and now, anti-racism, headscarf debates, religion, socialism and sexuality.

March 14 Antwerpen (B) Zuidersperhuis (20.30)
March 22 Amsterdam (Nl) De Balie (15.00)

In Dutch/Flemish.


Ida Dequeecker (B) en Anja Meulenbelt (Nl), feministes van het eerste  uur, hebben qua achtergrond, parcours en interessesfeer veel gemeen, maar gingen nooit eerder met elkaar in gesprek. Het belooft een unieke en inspirerende Belgisch-Nederlandse ontmoeting te worden rond onderwerpen zoals vrouwenbewegingen vroeger en nu, antiracisme, de hoofddoekkwestie, religie, socialisme, seksualiteit.

Organized by FC Poppesnor and Lover

Barcelona Queeruption trial

A call for support from Queeruption Barcelona, where soon the trial will begin of the people arrested at a demonstration during Queeruption 2005. The demonstration got somehow out of hand, but the police response was out of proportion: people were randomly arrested and are now asked to pay a fine of 80.000 Euro. Please give your support:

[english below]
Quizas ya te has enterado, el 27 de Abril se realizara el juicio contra l*s 9 que detuvieron despues de la mani de queeruption 8 barcelona… por eso hemos comenzado una pequeña campaña. Como parte de esta campaña queremos recoger firmas en apoyo de los 9d Q8… mandare adjunto el documento para firmar… Estamos especialmente interesad*s en firmas de colectivos, asociaciones, ong’s, empresas, etc… si es posible consello o algo que lo haga parecer oficial… luego las puedes mandar a:
Campaña 9deQ8 – C/Villarroel, 40-1º1ª – 08011 Barcelona

Queremos presentar estas firmas directamente a la jueza….la idea es de mostrar que hay una gran variedad de entidades de todo el mundo pendientes del caso…. tambien adjuntaré el texto de nuestro flyer en castellano e ingles que explican un poco la movida…. obviamente nos esperan bastantes gastos, asi que si tienes la posibilidad de montar algo para juntar algo de pasta para nosotr*s, estaria genial….(hemos contratado dos abogad*s mas asi que tenemos que pagar a 3)… tambien puedes encontrar esta informacion y bajar el formulario de firmas en nuestro blog asamblea_queer_bcn… estaria genial tambien si puedes enlazar nuestro blog con tu blog o pagina web o incluso mejor podrias publicar algo sobre el caso…..


Maybe you’ve already heard, the trial against the 9 people that got arrested after the demo of queeruption 8 barcelona has been set for the 27th of April… because of that we have started a small campaign. As part of this campaign, we started a call out for signatures in support of the accused… i’ll send the signature document as an attachment… we are mainly interested in signatures of collectives, asociations, ngo’s, companies, etc….if possible with a stamp or something official looking… you can then send these to: Campaña 9deQ8 – C/Villarroel, 40-1º1ª – 08011 Barcelona

We want to present these signatures directly to the judge… the idea is to show that a big variety of organisations from around the world are aware of this case… i will also attach a flyer text in spanish and another one in english that explains the situation… obviously we also have quite some costs coming up, so if you have any possibility of raising some money for us we would really appreciate it…(we have set 2 more lawyers on the case meaning we have to pay 3)… you can also find this information and download the signature document on our blog at asamblea_queer_bcn… we would also really appreciate, if you link our blog to your blog or website or even publish a feature on the case.

Electronic Tech Carnival 8-12 June 2009

We warmly invite you to

An international gathering for women* interested in open source software and creative approaches to technology

[* including gender minorities and female-identified persons ]

It will take place from
8th – 12th June, 2009
in Umeå, Sweden

Participants will share their knowledge and ideas in workshops and lectures, experiment with hardware and explore new critical ways of using technology. The Eclectic Tech Carnival has been held at least once a year since 2002, each time in a different country, including Austria, Brazil and Romania. In 2009, from 8th-12th June, it will be held in Sweden for the first time.

There will be a second /etc this year in Istanbul, more information on /etc Istanbul will follow soon.

Gender, Technology and Art
The week-long carnival includes workshops on installing open source and free software, looking at Linux, building websites, chat conferencing, sound editing, physical computing and tools for community activism. In addition there are art exhibitions and cultural discussions & presentations.

You will have the opportunity to explore how to use technology to pursue social change and grass root activism.

This Open Call is for women interested in contributing to workshops, worklabs, lectures, public interventions, performance.

What we can offer:
::    a skilled team of local organizers (women from Kulturstorm, She’s got the beat,   HUMlab) – with international support from the /etc-developers team, creating a legendary atmosphere for exchange and learning;
::    an infrastructure with good working places and equipment;
::    good and affordable food;
::    cheap (and limited free) accommodation;
::    some money for workshops, worklabs, lectures, public interventions, performances.
::    Swedish summer nights and a big party at the end of /etc

What we need to know:

and hold a workshop, etc., please let us know
by April 15th

simply as a participant, please register
by May 10th, as this makes preparation so much easier.

Please feel free to get in touch with us as soon as possible

Entry Fee for a 5–day ticket:  200 SEK (approx 18 Euros)
One day ticket: 50 SEK

Contact: info@eclectictechcarnival.org

Here you can subscribe to our mailing list

For more information see:  www.eclectictechcarnival.org
(will be continuously updated)

Info on Umeå: www.visitumea.se

National Demonstration in solidarity with women in East Congo, Brussels, 8th of March

[français en dessous]

8 maart 2009 om 13u
Traject: Koningsplein – Justitiepaleis, Brussel

13u00 > verzamelen
13u30 > fanfare
13h45 > solidariteitsboodschap mars naar het Justitiepaleis en interventies
15u30 > einde

Sinds 1996 zijn miljoenen Congolezen gestorven als gevolg van de oorlogen en de conflicten in de Democratische Republiek Congo (DRC); duizenden vrouwen en meisjes zijn verkracht, verminkt, vernederd…

Ter gelegenheid van de Internationale Vrouwendag organiseert het collectief « Allen samen voor vrouwen in de Democratische Republiek Congo », bestaande uit Belgische en Congolese vrouwenorganisaties, ngo’s en verenigingen, een manifestatie in Brussel op zondag 8 maar t 2009.

Het collectief eist : STOP de oorlog, het geweld op vrouwen, de straffeloosheid, de plundering van grondstoffen, de illegale wapenhandel.  JA aan vrede en gerechtigheid.

Voor meer informatie :
Maggi Poppe,
stafmedewerker Vrouwenraad
Tel. 02/229.38.13
E-mail: nvr.mpoppe@amazone.be

De manifestatie is een initiatief van de civiele samenleving; tientallen organisaties ondertekenenden de oproep.

A l’occasion de la Journee internationale des femmes
manifestation nationale
le 8 mars 2009 a 13h

De la Place royale au Palais de Justice, BRUXELLES

13h00 > rassemblement
13h30 > fanfare
13h45 > message de solidarité marche jusqu’au Palais de Justice et prise de parole
15h30 > fin

Depuis 1996, des millions de Congolais ont péri suite aux guerres et aux conflits que connaît la République Démocratique du Congo ; des milliers de femmes et de filles y sont violées, mutilées, humiliées… A l’occasion de la Journée internationale des Femmes, les organisations de femmes et celles de la diaspora congolaise, des ONG et associations belges, réunies au sein de la coalition « Tous ensemble pour la cause des femmes en RDC », organise une manifestation à Bruxelles, le dimanche 8 mars 2009.

Conscientes que « l’union fait la force », les organisations de femmes et celles de la diaspora congolaise, les ONG et associations belges (dont intal), unies au sein de la coalition « Tous ensemble pour la cause des femmes en RDC », disent

à la guerre,
aux violences sexuelles faites aux femmes,
à l’enrôlement forcé des enfants,
à l’impunité,
au pillage des ressources naturelles,
au trafic d’armes

OUI : A la paix et à la justice

Le collectif lance un vibrant appel au Gouvernement Belge, à ses partenaires européens et internationaux afin que :
. les violations des droits humains et les crimes de guerre – en particulier dans les deux provinces du Kivu et en Ituri – soient dénoncés et que les responsables soient traduits en justice tant au niveau national qu’international.
. la Belgique impulse et promeuve une politique de pacification durable de la Région des Grand Lacs conformément à la résolution 1325 du Conseil de sécurité des Nations Unies.

Pour plus d’informations :
Sabine Kakunga, chargée des programmes
Afrique Centrale au CNCD-11.11.11
Tél. : 02/250 12 49 ou 0494237165
E-mail : sabine.kakunga@cncd.be

La manifestation est une initiative de la société civile; des dixaines d’organisations appuient l’initiative.

Sex Trafficking debate, ICA London

SEX TRAFFIC at London’s ICA – Institute of Contemporary Arts

11 March 2009 – 1900 / 7pm

The media and NGOs have raised awareness of sex trafficking in recent
years, but does it serve the interests of migrant sex workers to suggest
they have been trafficked, or does it collude in their criminalisation and
deportation? Should our priority be to give migrant women in the sex
industry more control over their own lives, or to stop the traffic?

Speakers: Laura María Agustín, author of Sex at the Margins and a former
educator working with expatriate sex workers; Georgina Perry, service
manager for Open Doors, an NHS initiative which deliver outreach and
clinical support to sex workers in east London; Catherine Stephens, sex
worker; Jon Birch, inspector, Metropolitan Police Clubs and Vice Unit.
Chair: Libby Brooks, deputy Comment editor, The Guardian.

Nash Room.  Book here  £10 / £9 Concessions / £8 ICA Members

The ICA is located on The Mall, London SW1Y 5AH. How to get there.

Box Office: 020 7930 3647 Switchboard: 020 7930 0493

The Institute of Contemporary Arts is a registered charity in England No
236848 and a Limited Company registered in England No 444351. Registered
offices as above. VAT No 853 7217 17

The fundamentals of Women’s/Gender Studies in transition, Utrecht, march 28

The Department of Gender Studies of Utrecht University cordially invites you to a public event organized in the framework of the Universiteits-dag 2009:

The fundamentals of women’s/ gender studies in transition

Saturday March 28, 14 o’ clock (the lecture starts at 14.30), Drift 21, room 032, Utrecht

Which sites and locations have we visited in the past 20 years? The Gender studies afternoon will address today’s feminism in a rapidly changing Dutch multicultural society. We want to give our alumnae, current students and other interested parties an overview of where Women’s/ Gender Studies has been in the past twenty years: what has our program looked like and what have the issues and curricular materials consisted of? How can this program be seen as part of the feminist movement? What reflections on current-day Dutch society does it produce? Dr. Iris van der Tuin will lead you on a guided tour.

Where is the Department of Women’s/ Gender Studies at these days? What is the research we carry out and how does it translate to into our curriculum? Two teachers in the programme, Eva Midden M.A. and Prof. Gloria Wekker, will reflect upon above issues through intersectional analyses of the figuration of Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Whereas it is illuminating to look at the significance of AHA’s statements, the debates in which she inserted herself and the content of her positions, it is equally edifying to look at the ways in which she has been received by Dutch society. In the latter respect, it is striking to interpret the quasi-hysterical obsession which has taken hold of her white, male, middle class fans. This fascination will be read in the context of the sexualized colonial archive as well as theories and practices of postsecularism.

Fragments of the film about Genderstudies Programme in Utrecht, made by filmmaker Claudia Tellegen for the 7th European Feminist Research Conference (4-7 June 2009), will be presented for the first time.

With this event, we want to encourage former students to become active in a new alumnae organization, helpful in providing internship places and mentorships for current MA students and participating in a lecture series in which alumnae talk about their professional locations and praxes. Dr. Marta Zarzycka is the liaison person for launching the new organization (M.J.Zarzycka@uu.nl). Afterwards, there will be a wine reception.

Registration is not necessary but highly appreciated, please mail to Eva Verbeek, E.M.Verbeek1@students.uu.nl

Surfing the Crisis: Anomalous Waves from Universities in Europe and around the world

Thursday 5th March.
At De Peper, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam h. 20.30

“Surfing the Crisis”  Anomalous Waves from Universities in Europe and around the world

In autumn 2008 students from Italy started to protest against the approval of a Berlusconi’s government’s decree that was intended to make a radical transformation of the educational system in Italy. The decree’s aims were to cut the public education budget, university personnel and allowed universities to turn themselves in private foundations to seek funds in the private market. In few words the goal was to disqualify the public university sistem and with the excuse of economical crisis move public funds to save banks and private institutions.

The political reactions of students, precarious workers and reaserchers flowed into a movement – the biggest in 30 years – was soon referred to as the ‘Anomalous Wave’. The common shout was: ” We won’t pay for your crisis”.

The Wave soon reached other countries: Greece, Spain, France and UK, as the commodification of knowledge is a neoliberal design promoted by the tecnochratical institutions of the EU through the so-called ‘Bologna Process’.

In preparation of the international demonstration against the inter-ministerial conference about the Bologna process in Leuven, Belgium, 28-29 April 2009 we will discuss the ideas and strategies of the Anomalous Wave with Claudia Bernardi, Gigi Ruggero, Paolo Do, Andrea Ghelfi, Camillo Imperore, Matteo Pasquinelli, Brett Neilson from Uniriot and Edufactory

Uniriot is the Italian “network of rebel Universities” www.uniriot.org
Edufactory is a global discussion network focusing on role of education in contemporary capitalism  www.edu-factory.org

Organized by Anoumalous Wave Netherlands aw.nl@autistici.org